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I’ve helped men and women by providing them with excellent individual coaching, motivational speaking, and other services. Find out what they have to say about me by reading their testimonials. Their feedback is a testament of my skills and dedication to serve individuals.

"Clara Jo has helped me on my spiritual journey as my Spiritual Coach. She taught me how to hone into my own gifts and to have the confidence to move more freely through the journey. Highly recommend her for readings. She led me through a meditation to meet your spirit guide which was pivotal for me. I can’t thank her enough."

- Jill Graydon

"Clara Jo was amazing! From the moment the reading began, she was spot on with everything that she said to me. She was very helpful and I found my reading to be very helpful. I can't wait to go back to see her again and I would highly recommend her!"

- Karey Higgs

"Where can I even start … I met Clara years ago and visit her in person and the amount of energy I felt from her was absolutely extraordinary.. to the pony that I had to open my eyes because I was able to feel that she was next to me feet area .. I left feeling like a new Person, clear head and soul … this time today , since she moved to another state I was able to have a cession via zoom meeting and as incredible as it can sound I felt like she was next to me …"

- Paola Sepúlveda


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