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Sacred 3,6,9 Manifestation Program: Manifesting Workbook

The 3, 6, 9 Program sets your intentions and the Labyrinth Puzzles and Mandala Coloring Pages keep your focus! When working through the book, think clearly on what you want to manifest while keeping an optimistic mindset.As you work through the pages within this book, don't just think about what you want, take physical action that matches your thoughts. Doing these things will help get YOU closer to achieving YOUR goals and desires!

Positive Vibes For Girls 8-12: Inspirational Quotes Coloring Book

This coloring book is perfect for girls ages 8-12 as each page contains a black back to help with bleed through while they color. Each of the 25 mandala pages has an uplifting quote that helps keep them engaged and inspired! They will love the unique artwork and uplifting quotes that encourage positive thinking.

Discovering An Attitude For Gratitude!: My Gratitude Workbook

Large 8.5X11, 90-Day Gratitude Journal Workbook for Kids is a fun activity book that keeps your little one engaged in positive reinforcement with coloring pages, word searches and puzzle mazes. It also guides them through journaling responses to help build gratitude towards themselves each week throughout the month! 159 Pages are perfect for keeping track of all their activities daily or weekly plus extra space when they complete projects within this workbook so they can reflect on how far along they have come in being more grateful about who they are as an individual person in society today!

2022 Sugar Skull Planner: Monthly Coloring Calendar

2022 Monthly Planner that lets you color your way throughout the Year. Each Month has a Calendar that you can color your Sugar Skull. Plan your Month's Moon Phases and take Notes. Your planner also has a Birthday Reminder, Password and Contact Logs!

2022 Desk Planner: The Flow of Positive Energy

8.5x11 Desk Calendar and Planner. Bring in the Positive Flow of Energy each day as you work with your Planner. Full Page Calendar as well as Birthday Reminder Page, Monthly and Weekly Task Pages and a place for notes.

Third Eye Challenge: Companion Show Journal

This is the Companion Journal for the Third Eye Challenge Show seen Live each Monday @7pm EST on Facebook Live and YouTube! The Ladies from the Angel Connection, Laura Lyn and Clara Jo challenge you weekly with fun exercises to develop & strengthen your Third Eye for Psychic & Holistic Abilities. Grow your Third Eye with us by taking the challenge and grab this journal to keep your notes handy!

Positively Find It - A to Z: Password Log Book

Keep your Internet Usernames and Passwords within reach and the Good Vibes going with this alphabetized log book organizer. This 6x9 Notebook will keep your websites, usernames and passwords in one handy place! Each Book that Clara Jo creates is infused with positive Reiki Energy and sent with an intention for your highest good. This particular Password Log Book was designed to help you on your Spiritual Journey through setting successful organizational intentions and clear of mind to bring about solutions.

90-Day Spiritual Download Dream Journal

The 90-Day Spiritual Download Dream Journal is a unique way to record your dreams. It is the perfect way to start or continue keeping your nightly messages from all your travels and adventures in one place. With continued use, this journal will help you process your emotions, rehearse your response to stressful situations and learn how to become lucid in your dreams.

Spiritual Introspection: My Journal of Reflection

If you are looking for a way to better understand who you really are, this Spiritual Introspection Journal Notebook is the perfect place. By writing down your thoughts and emotions in it, we can find your true self through exploration of past events that have lead you on an incredible journey so far!

Tarot/Oracle Card Decks by Clara Jo

Twin Flames:

Our Frequency Journey Oracle

Twin Flame Our Frequency Oracle Deck for your Journey by renowned Psychic Medium and Divine Feminine, Clara Jo. Tap in and get beneficial insight into your Twin Flame, Karmic Situation and what's to come for your Twin Flame Journey. To use: While shuffling the deck, ask spirit to clarify the situation. Pick as many cards as you feel the need to do so for your answer. What has the cards revealed to you?

Divine Feminine

Healing Meditation


The Divine Feminine Healing Oracle Deck is inspirited By Psychic Medium, Clara Jo. Use these 30 card Affirmations in Meditation or as part of your Intuitive Card Readings.


Coming Soon!

Mystical Oil Blends

Specialty Essential Oil Blend Coming Soon

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