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Clara Jo offers spiritual services to help you throughout your Journey. Through her natural approach and connection to angels and quantum energy, she makes everything simple for her clients. She is also an author of several books and oracle card decks.

Her services are available to clients around the world through Zoom & Phone. She conducts face-to-face meetings & Psychic Studio Parties for Groups at her new office inside Release Yoga in Green, Ohio.

You also might enjoy a combined reading or fun psychic parties with her and her business partner Psychic Laura Lyn. Check Angel Connection under Events.




Clara Jo provides 1:1 Services & Psychic Parties through Zoom or in Person.

Whether it’s an Energy Healing Session, Intuitive Reading, or another of her services, you will find the same benefits Online as

an in-person visit.


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Connect with Clara Jo for Online Classes, Webinars, & Facebook Shows.

Also, join her in-person for Personal Appearances, Workshops, Psychic Parties and Live Events.



Clara Jo’s Sacred Expression Coaching Guides you to your Goals.

It's time to Set Your Intention & Go After Your Dreams! Start exploring your own Spiritual Gilts or Start your own Spiritual Practice...Clara Jo will show you how.


Clara Jo sells a wide range of items to support your spiritual growth.

Grab her latest Book, new Oracle Card Deck or speciality item..

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Clara Jo Alden is a deeply caring and talented Psychic Medium, Energy Healer and Angelic Channeler with abilities revealed to her at age 5. She is also an expert in Twin Flame/Love Connections, Past Lives Readings & Medical Intuition/Healing for both humans and animals. A Reiki III Master, she leads a number of trainings and workshops to help others grow their own intuitive gifts. As the co-host of the "Third Eye Challenge Show" and the author of a number of books and articles she has grown a national following and is blessed to call Akron, Ohio her home.

Third Eye Challenge Show

Take the Angel Connection’s Third Eye Challenge! Laura Lyn & Clara Jo Go Live each Monday @ 7pm EST to inform and grow your psychic abilities and lead you on your spiritual journey! Join psychic mediums Laura Lyn and Clara Jo weekly on their live call-in talk show, as they challenge you with guests, personal experiences and engaging topics to guide your spiritual journey. It’s time to feed your curiosity with discussions on Reiki, Past Lives, Intuition, Spirit Guides, Angels and more–there’s something for everyone! Plus, every week an exercise will strengthen your psychic & holistic abilities. Knowledge is power in this new age – Start sharpening your Third Eye by tuning in each week to the Third Eye Challenge!


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