Meet Clara Jo Weiss-Alden

Clara Jo is a renowned psychic medium, spiritual energy coach, speaker, author and radio host who holds an array of holistic certifications. She first began experiencing her Psychic Gifts at the age of 5 and learned of her Intuitive Energy Healing abilities in her early twenties. Her compassion, intuition, and dedication have all earned her the reputation as a service-centered advocate of positive change!

She has been in the media spotlight for over 25 years, conducting interviews and being interviewed herself. She loves teaching what she knows whether by Stage, Videos or Podcasts.

Her lifelong mission is to help women reclaim their personal power, regain focus, and reassess their strengths so they can dismantle all the roadblocks that stand between them and success. She is also a Self-Help Author of: “Visualize and Harness Universal Energy”, “Mindful Intuition”, and “Sacred Animal Totems”. She is currently the Co-Host of the popular weekly Show: “The Third Eye Challenge.”

In Person Services at Release Yoga

*Face to Face Services:

$99 - Angel Card Readings

$125 - Past Life Readings

$125 - Relationship Readings

$99 - Spiritual Coaching

$65 - Chakra Balancing/Reiki Sessions

*Psychic Parties:

Clara Jo brings a unique and spiritually insightful experience for you and your party guests when you join her at the Release Yoga Studio in Green! The venue is already set...just bring your group! As a group, receive Spirit/Past Love One Messages, Psychic Card Readings, Medical Intuitive Scan and More! The Studio also provides additional add on services to make any party unique and special as you are.

Small Parties require a minimum of 6 enrollments but the facility can accommodate groups of 20 or more.

$16 per person/ 1.5 Hours

Phone & Zoom Sessions

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Clara Jo can be reached by Phone or Zoom!

Go to her Services Page to get a list of her many options to lead you on your journey or help through a stressful time. Here are a few of my virtual services:

$55 - 30 Minute General Phone Reading

$75 - 45 Minute General Phone Reading

$75 - 45 Minute Love/Twin Flame Phone Reading

$99 - 1 Hour Love/Twin Flame Zoom call

$125 - 1 Hour Past Life Reading & Quantum Healing Zoom Call

Spotlight Media


Universal Energy & Intuition

Coral Springs, FL – Clara Jo Alden is an angelic energy coach and the author of Visualize and Harness Universal Energy, a practical guide for working with universal energy in everyday life.

“The people that come to me are drawn to me by the energy,” says Alden. “Many of them already have a feeling that they are either psychic or could be energy healers. They know there is something else going on, but don’t quite understand it or they just need validation. That's what I'm here for. I can validate their feelings, coach and guide them along the way to take that step forward with confidence."

Born a psychic medium, Alden discovered her abilities when she was five years old. She later surfaced her healing abilities and has continued to develop her gifts while helping others do the same.

We can definitely help other people, but to see ourselves can be very daunting,” says Alden. “So you have to learn your body before you can move forward. When a client visits me, I can actually scan their body to see if their chakras are out of alignment. I can actually see that there's blockages, it looks like strings to me, and I can pull those out.”

Alden is also the co-host of The Third Eye Challenge, a video podcast simulcast on Facebook and YouTube every Monday at 7pm EST, where she offers fun exercises to develop and strengthen the third eye to bring out and sharpen your psychic and holistic abilities.

“We’re going to see a lot more people with abilities coming forward or starting to actually accept their abilities,” says Alden. “Step out of that analytical mindset and just believe. That's when you can begin to walk into your own power.”

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Spiritual Relationships

Canal Fulton, OH – Close Up Radio announced today angelic energy coach Clara Jo Alden in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on May 24th at 12pm EDT to discuss spiritual relationships.

There are three different kinds of relationships in the spiritual realm: twin flames, soulmates and karmic partners. Together they form a council that guides what we want to accomplish in this lifetime and take our souls to the next level. When we meet them in this life, they are specifically here to help us.

A twin flame is part of you, like one soul split in half, two hearts beat as one. Our twin flame comes to this plane to go on a separate journey, and then reconnects with us to help accelerate our spiritual journey. Once you are connected, you have a purpose together.

Soulmates are two separate souls that are linked that have experienced many lifetimes together. Your soulmate is a person you feel you've known over a lifetime.

Soulmates are often confused with twin flames.

“A soulmate is not necessarily a physical lover or a partner. It can even be a parent or a child. John Lennon and Paul McCartney were soulmates. John Lennon and Yoko Ono were twin flames.”

A karmic partner is someone here to teach you a lesson needed to move forward in your life. Relationships with our karmic partner can be very tumultuous and cause upheaval, but they are necessary to help you in your soul journey. Your karmic partner can lead you to your soulmate and to your twin flame.

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