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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about Clara Jo. We hope you enjoy the site and take a moment to drop her a line with Questions, Comments or a Free Consultation with No high pressure sales tactics!

Enlist your Angel Army for Happiness, Love & Abundance

Remove Deep-Seeded Blocks with Archangel Metatron


Find your Direction or Life Purpose with Archangel Michael


Receive Vibrational Energy Therapy with Archangel Raphael


Tap into your Higher Self with Archangel Uriel


Release/Forgive Yourself & others through Archangel Zadkiel


Strengthen Your Bonds to the Spiritual Realm with Archangel Raziel


Get A Radical Transformation with Angelic Energy

The Angelic Healing Matrix

Are you ready to have a radical transformation in your life?

The Archangels are at the ready to help you today!

The Angelic Healing Matrix was given to Clara Jo from Archangel Metatron. It started with one powerful Block Removal Therapy session called The Angelic Sacred Vibration . Metatron conducted this technique on her using sacred geometry (Metatron's Cube)  and taught her how to use it to help others. He then pressed upon her that other angels were ready to help too. 

The Angelic Healing Matrix is your own personal Angel Army ready to energetically do battle against negative energy in all its forms. We are all vibrational beings and the Archangels meet our vibration to heal & protect us if only we ask and have the intention to change what is not servicing us.

Individual Angel Treatments are available now by appointment & conducted online through the Zoom Meeting plattform. The Angelic Healing Matrix program using the Archangels & Sacred Geometry for Group & One-On-One Coaching sessions will be available soon.

Clara Jo is also developing a Certified Practitioner Program to teach these same Angelic Techniques so that you may help others if that is your calling. Contact her to be on the waiting list for the class


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The Third Eye Challenge Video Podcast:

Laura Lyn & Clara Jo are your Hosts of the new Face Book Live Call-in Video Podcast - "The Third Eye Challenge!" The two Psychic Divas challenge you weekly with fun exercises to develop & strengthen your Third Eye for Psychic & Holistic Abilities. Join us Mondays @7pm EST US and take the challenge each week!

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"Visualize and Harness Universal Energy: A Practical Guide for Working with Universal Energy In Everyday Life" 


Learn to visualize and harness the energy around us to improve your overall outlook on life. This practical how-to guide will walk you through simple step-by-step creative visualization techniques to bring more clarity, happiness and healing to your everyday life. You will be able to use these easy tips and techniques everyday to help with bad relationships, anxiety, psychic development and communication with Angels, Spirit Guides and your Animal Friends.

This book is for the meditation beginner as well as those who are familiar with creative visualization.

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Take Clara Jo's beautiful Meditations and 10 Day Trainings with you. Listen on the popular meditation app - Insight Timer!

What people are saying about Clara Jo

Paola S. from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I had the pleasure of having an Energy Session with Clara Jo and the experience was very special. I really felt a difference in the way my body felt after the service. I had a lot of tension and a feeling that I couldn't even breathe because of the anxiety that I suffer. I visited Clara Jo and since the moment we started talking, I felt an amazing connection with her and a sense of peace that I don't remember feeling before. After the Session, I was so relaxed that I went back home and was able to sleep the rest of the day. Thank you Clara Jo for your help and guidance. I can't wait to see you again.

Psychic Laura Lyn from Cleveland, Ohio

I have known Clara for over thirty years.  She is a warm loving person that is dedicated to helping people find healing and peace in their life and body.  I have utilized her gifts on several occasions and I can say she is hugely GIFTED. I am a Spiritual Consultant and with the work I do , it can be draining. Knowing Clara is available when I need cleared and helped with internal healing brings me peace.  Thank you Clara for your gift and your light!

Tasha O. from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I had my first ever Chakra Clearing & Balancing with Clara Jo a week ago and it was a very positive & enlightening experience for me. During the Clearing, when she was focused on problem areas, I could feel tingling and heat in those areas. About half way through the session, waves of peace & contentment kept washing over me & it got very intense towards the end. I've noticed that my sleep & digestion have improved & I also feel more clear-headed. Clara Jo was very helpful in answering all my questions & I'm excited to learn more about what she does. Looking forward to future visits!

Karen M. from Akron, Ohio

Clara Jo is awesome! She is one of the sweetest people I know! She is an amazing teacher, this lady knows her stuff and is very down to earth and patient! She is for real, not a fake bone in her body, it comes straight from her heart!