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 Welcome Friends!

Hello! My name is Clara Jo. It’s nice to meet you. I’m a Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Coach. I’m also a motivational speaker and video podcast host.

I offer spiritual services to help you throughout your journey. Through my natural approach and connection to angels and energy, I can make everything simple for my clients. I also create & sell energy jewelry, stones, and orgone products.

My services are available to clients around the world through Zoom & Phone.  I will also conduct face-to-face meetings in my office in Akron, Ohio and offer Psychic Parties in the surrounding area.

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My Online Practice Makes It Easy To Connect from the comfort of your home, anywhere you arc around the World! 


Clara Jo provides 1:1 Services & Psychic Parties through Zoom Meeting Room, Facebook's Messenger Portal or in Person.

Whether it’s an Energy Healing Session, Intuitive Reading, or another of her services, you will find the same benefits Online as an in-person visit. 

In Person 

Office Visits

Virtual Visits

Phone & Zoom


Connect with Clara Jo for Online Classes, Webinars, & Facebook Shows.

Also, join her in-person for Personal Appearances, Workshops, and Live Events. 

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Sacred Expression Coaching

Clara Jo’s Sacred Expression Coaching Guides you to your Goals.

It's time to Set Your Intention & Go After Your Dreams! Start exploring your own Spiritual Gilts or Start your own Spiritual Practice...Clara Jo will show you how. 

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Angelic Energy Coaching is a name Clara Jo created to describe her abilities in title form​. Her connection and communication with the Angelic Realm gives her clear insight into her clients’ condition while conducting Intuitive Energy Healings & Chakra Clearing/Balancing. She, then, is able to counsel & coach her clients on the information she has received from the Angels to help their Mind, Body, & Soul.

Clara Jo conducts 1:1 & group intuitive energy work & chakra balancing. She also clears deep-seated blocks that hold women back from meeting their true potential & success through the guidance of Archangel Metatron. Metatron has called upon Clara Jo to conduct this new technique called "Angelic Sacred Vibration". A combination of sacred geometry & intuitive energy healing. Clara Jo feels honored and blessed that Archangel Metatron has partnered with her on this journey of helping women.

With her natural psychic abilities, Clara Jo connects you with Loved Ones, Angels, & Spirit Guides. She is available for Personal or Group Sessions & Spiritual Coaching.

Clara Jo also has created the on-demand course series: "Higher Self Transformational Coaching Series.° These self-paced courses use practical coaching principles & energy healing techniques to bring transformational change to women's lives. 


Clara Jo Alden is a Transformation Coach, Self-Help Author, Psychic Medium, and Angel Energy Worker whose compassion, intuition, and dedication have all earned her the reputation as a service-centered advocate of positive change. Infinitely passionate about creating ripple effects of transformation, she is on a lifelong mission to help women reclaim their personal power, regain focus, and reassess their strengths so they can dismantle all the roadblocks that stand between them and success.

Over the course of her vocation, Clara Jo has had wonderful opportunities to participate in or facilitate various speaking engagements, workshops, seminars, webinars, and classes. She also hosts a metaphysical podcast where she discusses mystical topics like The Law of Vibration (Universal Energy), sacred geometry, natural healing energy, and psychic development. So far, she has authored a book entitled "Visualize and Harness Universal Energy: A practical guide for working with Universal Energy in everyday life," which was a hot new release for three consecutive weeks on Amazon.

In addition to her Doctor of Metaphysics (MsD), Clara Jo Alden holds an array of certifications, including but not limited to Reiki Master/Teacher, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, and Animal Communicator/Energy Healer. She is also a Non-Denominational Minister through the Universal Life Church. However, her innate spiritual and empathic gifts emerged when she was just five years of age.

She currently lives in Ohio with her Animal Partner in Energy Healing, Mr. Milo the Cat. She is available for virtual meetings using Zoom, Facebook Portal and Phone. She conducts in-person sessions at her office in Akron by appointment only.

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